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After 12 classes of pronunciation with Maria Metzger, I feel I am able to identify and correct the mistakes and potential mistakes I could make when speaking English. Maria’s great dedication and expertise allowed me to have a wonderful learning experience and feel more confident when speaking English. Learning about vowel and consonant sounds and intonation are some of the  areas that helped me improve my speech. Maria was a great resource for English pronunciation. I had a great time during her classes. I would recommend her course to colleagues and friends.

- E.R. from Venezuela

Thank you for a wonderful class! You identified the specific areas of speech that helped my improvement. You truly personalized the course for my needs (lectures, interviews, questions). It was a great learning experience.

- K.A. from the Phillipines

I feel much more confident after attending the special course at “Always Understood.” It was a great learning experience, allowing me to understand how American English is different compared to other parts of the world and how easy it is after practicing. I especially liked the teacher’s approach to coaching, step by step teaching as per individual needs with follow-up corrections. I would strongly recommend this course.

- R.D. from India

Maria knows amazingly well about international people’s difficulties with pronunciation. She teaches her classes with visual aids and examples so that I can clearly understand which face muscles I should use and how my tongue should be placed. I practiced this until I could pronounce vowels and consonants automatically. I won the Toastmaster speech contest several times. I know that her support of my pronunciation helped me a lot. I feel confident now and I am sure I know the right way forever. Her class is great and I recommend it to anyone.

- N.N. from Japan

Maria is excellent at identifying the exact problem each student is facing and coming up with effective techniques to cure the problem. For example, I had been having trouble sounding and looking confident when giving a talk in front of an audience. After looking at my talk, Maria “diagnosed” that the problem was mainly stemming from my intonation (which tended to rise after the end of each sentence) and my “fidgety” movements. She created a lesson plan to help me learn how to lower the pitch appropriately at the end of each sentence, and taught me a trick to help me stop moving too much while giving a talk. The materials Maria made for me were so useful, that I still look back at them every time before teaching a lecture. Thanks to her, I not only got a job at a major university, but also received teaching awards. I recommend her highly to anyone who wants to improve their accent and speech.

- Y.M. from Japan